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Bold Leadership + Bold Vision = Bold Results

Two years ago, we accomplished something many did not think possible--a young man, not from the area, was elected to be a City Commissioner in Hazard. This was due to the incredibly hard work of my campaign team, and friends in Hazard who helped us do something incredible, because they believed in a simple idea: 


Hazard is worth fighting for, and it doesn't matter who you are or where you're 

from--if you're willing to be a part of the solution, you belong at the table. 


Since being elected in 2018, I have been a crucial member of one of the most effective administrations in Hazard history. We have hired a downtown coordinator, hosted the North Fork Music Festival and Oktoberfest downtown, and upgraded our water policies to modernize the most important issue our city faces. 


We have also created the City of Hazard Civic Fellowship, the most comprehensive internship for high school and college students of any city in the state of Kentucky. This paid experience has allowed our young people to take on a leadership role in their hometown. Last year's group built the Perry County Community Foundation Dog Park, and this year's group is working on a series of projects. 


In the community, I continue to teach Advanced Placement classes at Hazard High School--more students are taking AP tests than ever before. I am also on the boards of the Appalachian Arts Alliance, Teach For America Appalachia, and Invision Hazard. I was a 2019 member of the Appalachian Leadership Institute, a development program run by the Appalachian Regional Commission. 


I'm a 7th generation Kentuckian with over 200 years of family history in the Commonwealth. I love and am proud of my state. I am the oldest of four; my mom is a teacher and my dad was a police officer. With the perspective that upbringing has given me, I’ve learned a few things: All that we do we should do with purpose, and the things we have in common far outweigh those that divide us.


I am here because Hazard is now my home. I consider myself an adopted son. To me, there is no greater sign of God’s presence—that of all the corners of the world, He put me here. I am passionate about working with students, I am inspired by the people in Hazard and their love for community, and I believe in the potential of this city and its citizens.


I want to continue our work to make a Hazard that is open or people, open for business, and open for opportunity. We 're going to keep fighting for the city we love.

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