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So Here's The Plan...

Goal: Help Downtown Businesses Open and Stay Open



  1. Shopped at Appalachian Apparel, Shenanigans, and the Read Spotted Newt

  2. Contacted small business owners to hear their concerns, issues, and accomplishments

  3. Hired a downtown coordinator whose sole job is to help bring businesses downtown

  4. Helped draft the Hazard Downtown Incentives Plan (HDIP) to help new business owners pay for utilities and building beautification.

To Do:

  1. Push the city to either purchase property or work with entrepreneurs to purchase property and develop a restaurant or other place to gather

  2. Increase pressure on building owners who aren’t doing anything by creating additional tax penalties or incentives to renovate, rent, or sell

  3. Plan an entertainment district for the portion of downtown adjacent to Triangle Park and the Gorman Bridge

Goal: Beautify Our Community

Planning Session.jpg


  1. Hired the Kentucky League of Cities to train officials with Code Enforcement

  2. Worked with officials to prioritize which properties to cite and, if necessary, demolish

  3. Coordinated downtown mural portraits as a part of HazART 

  4. Litigated the Grand Hotel property and negotiated a cleanup

  5. Modernized water rates and updated water policy to combat infrastructure crisis

  6. Moved the Farmer’s Market from Perry County Park to the new Pavilion in Triangle Park

To Do:

  1. Work on a community walking/biking plan 

  2. Complete an updated signage for important points in the city

  3. Update the zoning board and conduct regular trainings

Goal: Expand Access to Local Government to as Many as Possible


  1. Created the most comprehensive civic internship in the state of Kentucky

  2. Made online bill pay for city utilities

  3. Worked with young people to draft and create ordinances and present them in front of the city commission

  4. Met with constituents who have voiced concerns

  5. Was chosen by peers as the social media coordinator for the City of Hazard

  6. Served on the Homelessness Task force

To Do:

  1. Create a Neighborhood Council Program that will allow neighborhoods to elect a board and host events, clean ups, and similar activities


Goal: Learn About the Key Parts of Our Community and How I Can Help Them


  1. Toured the Hazard Water Treatment Plant and created an educational video

  2. Toured ARH and met with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Maria Braman

  3. Rode along for an evening with the Hazard Police Department

  4. Read 4 books concerning rural communities and downtown development

  5. Helped draft the first strategic plan Hazard has ever created

To Do:

  1. Tour the Industrial Park

  2. Tour an active coal mine

  3. Attend a training session with the fire department

  4. Observe the water department at work during the next snowstorm

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