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I intend to change the nature of the role of City Commissioner.


We will become a VISIONARY BODY who set a course for the city and relentlessly pursue that vision for the people we serve.


If elected, here are FOUR MAJOR THINGS that will happen during my term. 

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Main Street Business by 2020

Big dreams start small and grow with encouragement. In two years, I will help a restaurant or coffee shop get up and running. I will:

  • Enforce the public nuisance ordinance

  • Pair entrepreneurs with building owners

  • Encourage events and meetings at the new venue. 

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Downtown Beautification

Do you know the first thing industry reps want to see when they're thinking about moving their business to Perry County? It's the downtown! They want to see a place that looks welcoming and where things are happening - where their workers will be happy to live! To make Hazard a place businesses want to move to, I will:

  • Fight urban decay to reduce downtown vandalism and encourage business

  • Develop and support a beautification committee

  • Research beautification efforts in other cities

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Expanding Partnerships

Hazard is full of creative business owners, hard-working nonprofit groups, and incredible volunteers, each doing great things for our community. The more they are able to work together, the more we can do. To help foster productive partnerships, I will:

  • Pass ordinances to spark creative ideas and initiatives

  • Lead for better city government representation on non-profit boards and at non-profit meetings and events

  • Create a non-profit board for groups to meet together and share ideas and events

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Open Government and Youth Opportunities

The more people involved in government, the better we will be. Simultaneously, in order to bring our young people back home, we need to offer them more opportunities to connect to local leadership. I will

  • Invite a different group to each City Commissioners meeting and offer them the chance to speak

  • Host civic events in neighborhoods around the city

  • Create a Youth Adviser to the Commission and create summer internships for our local high school/college students

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